Multi Layers Heat Insulation Polycarbonate Sheet

Multi Layers Heat Insulation Polycarbonate Sheet
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Sep 1, 2017
Nov 1, 2017
Product description
Bright and light green, can stop the near infrared energy, but let a lot of visible light transmit for the thermal control of resin additives with professional ,and the optical properties of materials with resin have persistence, and both sides of PC sheet with anti- ultraviolet ability, which helps to reduce the losses caused by improper installation. This innovative solar control lighting products significantly reduce the transmission of solar energy significantly, while at the same time a high degree of transparency of the visible light, thus saving energy consumption for cooling and lighting in buildings. The general light materials, due to the direct transmission of infrared light, lighting components and other materials of heat conduction, will lead to relatively closed space in the air to generate heat accumulation. The principle of anti- infrared heat insulation board : to reflect off a lot of infrared in the sunshine, and to reduce the greenhouse effect because of the indoor accumulation of excessive heat, either cloudy or sunny,

Main application
Roof, skylights, greenhouses, bus systems, etc.