XXGH Portable X-ray Flaw Detector

XXGH Portable X-ray Flaw Detector
No.46 Fumin Street, Lingang Industrial Zone, Dandong, Liaoning, 118000, China
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Standard Portable X-ray Flaw Detector

The faith of design is firmly, reliable and durable. The controller adopts the integration technology to make the inner configuration more reasonable with imported parts, and more residual electric parameter. The design exposal under the 20kV prolongs the life of the X-ray tube and coil and improves the reliability of product at the same time.
The generator with strong adjust-ability. It adapts the control circuit and control technology to control the power source, so it can work at anyone methods of supply. The product technology has gotten two national patents.
Application fields: spaceflight industry, shipbuilding industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, power supply, automobiles, pressure container, heavy machine manufacture industry, bridge building industry and others.
The technology of this product received the China's National patents.

Panoramic portable X-ray flaw detector (with ceramic X-ray tube)
Model Input (kW) Focus (mm) Beam Angle A3 Steel Max. Penetration
(mm) Dimension of Generator (mm)

Cone Target Flat Target Cone Target Flat Target
XXGH-2005 2.0 1.0×5.0 30×360° 25°×360° 24 27
XXGH-2505 2.5 1.0×5.0 30×360° 25°×360° 34 37 325×325×705
XXGH-3005 3.0 1.0×5.5 30×360° 25°×360° 44 47 345×345×715
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