Pusher Type Graphite Purification Furnace

Pusher Type Graphite Purification Furnace
ACME Park, MuYun Industrial Zone, Changsha, Hunan, 410118, China
Warranty1 year
CategoryIndustrial Furnace
The pusher-type graphite purification furnace is suitable for continuous high temperature graphitizing purification of graphite powder and parts, it can also complete the purification combined with high temperature method and chemical method. Whats more, the furnace can also applied for production of ultra coarse WC(Wolfram Carbide) powder.

Technical Features
1. The furnace uses newly develop high temperature technology, which features high temperature and long life time.
2. Graphite purification furnaces have remote control function, which can do remote operation, failure analysis and program updating.
3. Continuous load and unload has advantages of good sealing performance and low gas consumption.
4. For powder material, it can auto load, push and discharge, achieving stable quality and low labor consume.
5. Furnace length can be customized design.

Optional Configuration of Pusher-type Graphite Purification Furnace
1. Process gas system: volume flow-meter, manual value / auto value, imported brand / Chinese brand.
2. HMI: simulation screen / touch screen / industrial computer.
3. PLC: OMRON / Siemens.
4. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
5. Thermocouple: type W-Re / type S / type R.
6. Infrared meter: single color / double color, CHINO / Rayt.
7. Electric components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.

Specifications of Pusher-type Graphite Purification Furnaces
Spec\Model PGP-5
Max. Temperature (°C) 2600
Production Capacity (kg/d) 5000
Process Gas
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