Mechanical Hydraulic Drilling Jar

Mechanical Hydraulic Drilling Jar
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Mechanical-Hydraulic Drilling Jar
SJY Double-Acting / Mechanical-Hydraulic Drilling Jar
SJY double-acting mechanical-hydraulic drilling jar integrates upward jarring with downward jarring hydraulic drilling jar with mechanical interlocking. It can suit for all kinds of drilling operations, and landing into the well with drilling tools assembly when used. When the drilling tools are stuck, it can make drilling jar generate upward or downward jarring force through lifting and landing the drill strings, so it can release resistance and the stick by many time jarring, and recover normal drilling operation promptly. If adjust the release force, it can be adjusted any time on the spot.

We produce H2S resistance Jars, which adopt high quality import sulfur-resistance material.
Model OD
mm(in) ID
mm(in) Conn.
API Max. Tensile Load
(KN) Max. Upward Jarring Force
(KN) Max. Downward Jarring Force
(KN) Full Open
SJY121 121(4 3/4) 44.5(1 3/4) NC38 350 350 180 8950
SJY165 165(6 1/2) 57(2 1/4) NC50 700 700 350 9260
SJY203 203(8) 70(2 3/4) 6 5/8REG 1000 1000 500 9786
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