Automatic High-speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Automatic High-speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Lin Pu Road, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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Automatic High-speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Rotary Tablet Press Machine
GZPK series Automatic high-speed rotary tablet press machine is our new design for the second generation products. It focuses on the technical features of domestic automatic high-speed rotary tablet machine, a great improvement in the structure of the machine and operation control. The machine adopts the structure of general body, general appearance, and can be replaced at the punch turret body, enabling the exchange of one machine with multiple models. The operation and control adopts industrial automatic control PLC, have larger development
space, and the subsequent launch of new products can be compatible.
1.Meet GMP requirements
2.Flameless windows with safety glass (thickness: 20mm)
3.Single tablet pressing
4.Single-side outlet
5.Main pressure 80KN
6.Pre-pressure 20KN
7.Feeding motor adopts frequency control of speed
8.Automatic control of tablet weight
9.Single or multiple tablets elimination
10.Protection for overloading, tight punch or insufficient lubrication
11.Suit for round tablets and irregular tablets production
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