Compact Copper Coil Solar Water Heater

Compact Copper Coil Solar Water Heater
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Compact Copper Coil Solar Water Heater

Tech Data:
1. Inner water tank:Stainless Steel, SUS304-2B, SS316L; Thickness, 0.31-0.51MM.
2. Outer water tank:Color Steel or Stainless steel; Thickness, 0.40MM.
3. Insulation layer:Polyurethane foam; Thickness, 30-60MM.
4. Frame:Galvanized Steel; Aluminum Alloy; Stainless Steel; Angle, As your requirement.
5. Vacuum tubes:ALN/AIN-SS/CU layer; 58-1800.
6. Copper Coil:15M(18Tubes) 20M(24Tubes), 25M(30tubes);30M(36tubes).
7. Assistant Tank heating element, Mg Rod, Reflector and Controller can be provided.

1. When water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs heat from the water in the tank, therefore; the water tank is just a heat storage.
2. It can be used at any time to warm the cold water. It can overcome the shortcoming of traditional solar water heater, such as slow heating rate, long waiting time.
3. High Efficiency: A special heat exchanging mode is adopted to avoid mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment.
4. Water pressure is same as tap water; it can be connected directly to city tap water system.
5. Green and economical. No pollution in working, no cost for hot water.
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