Compact Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

Compact Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater
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Compact Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

Tech Data:
1. Inner water tank:Stainless Steel, SUS304-2B, SS316L,Enamel;Thickness,1.2-2.5MM.
2. Outer water tank:Color Steel or Stainless steel;Thickness, 0.40MM.
3. Insulation layer: Polyurethane foam;Thickness, 30-60MM.
4. Frame:Galvanized Steel; Aluminum Alloy; Stainless Steel; Angle, As your requirement.
5. Vacuum tubes: ALN/AIN-SS/CU layer; 47-1500 OR 58-1800 with Heat Pipe.
6. Heating element, Mg Rod, Reflector and Controller can be provided.
7. Working Pressure :0.6Mpa ,Testing Pressure :1.0Mpa.

1. Evacuated tube, aluminum fin and heat pipe arc closely integrated, realizing faster heat transfer and lower loss.
2. There is no water in tube, no filthy, anti-freeze, unlimited time of putting water and pressure operation, even there is tube broken, and the whole system still can work.
3. The system is same as tap water which would make the bathing very comfortable.
4. With the T/P valve, air vent valve makes the system work very stable and safety.
5. Can be used all year round in the cold climate.
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