Separated Pressure Solar Water Heater

Separated Pressure Solar Water Heater
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Separated Pressure Solar Water Heater

This system is combined with Solar Collector, Pressurized Storage Tank,Work Station, Pipeline etc.
1. Solar Collector can be The Heat Pipe Solar Collector,The U Pipe Solar Collector, The Balcony Solar Collector or The Flat Solar Collector.
2. Inner Tank for Pressurized Storage Tank can be SUS304-2B, SS316L or Enamel Tank.
3. Solar Working Station.
4. Working Pressure :0.6Mpa ,Testing Pressure :1.0Mpa

1. No disorder water tank on your roof: split solar water heating systems is using a high efficiency solar collector on your roof and a high pressurized storage tank in the house. Integrated in to the roof of the building perfectly.
2. Perfect solar collector for domestic hot water heating system can be combined with existing energy source, such as your gas water heater, electric water heater, boiler, etc.
3. There is an auxiliary heating device--electric heater booster in the tank, so providing hot water in case of cloudy or rainy days, you will no need to worry about it.
4. Completely Automatic.
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