High frequency vibration dewatering screen

High frequency vibration dewatering screen
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Overview of High frequency vibration dewatering screen :

1.High frequency vibration dewatering screen with flange-type exciter, driven by two motors for reverse self-synchronous rotation, so that the screen in a straight line to do reciprocating motion in order to achieve the purpose of grading dewatering.

2. Screen frame with high-strength bolted connection, the screen surface by the arc section and the straight-line section composition, durable structure.

3.According to the mechanical structure and process parameters, the vibrator is arranged above the center of gravity of the screen box. This arrangement makes the trajectory of the screen machine elliptical at the feeding end, round in the middle, discharge side is still elliptical ,that is elliptical-circular-elliptical.

Features of High frequency vibration dewatering screen:

1.Screen frame side panels with a special frame structure, greatly increasing the vertical and horizontal sieve frame stiffness and strength, and enhance the service life.

2.New multi-layer sieve plate structure, is conducive to fine material through the screen and prevent plugging, improve the efficiency of dewatering.

3.High frequency vibration dewatering sieve exciter with external block eccentric structure, arranged on both sides of the screen box two set of exciters, each set of exciter two sets of bearings.

4.Using high precision large clearance bearing, and the bearing outer ring to add axial positioning, slowing down the rise of shaft temperature, reduce working noise.

5. High frequency, dehydration effect is better.

Applications of High frequency vibration dewatering screen:

1.High frequency vibration dewatering screen is mainly used for fine grained dewatering and grading, slime or tailings recovery.

2. Suitable for mineral processing, coal processing and other industries.

3.Widely used in dewatering of fine materials such as municipal sewage treatment, pulp, chemical industry ,food industry and so on.
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