WFHS reversible arc screen for mining ore

WFHS reversible arc screen for mining ore
No.1, Gongye Road, Xinxiang County, Henan Province, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Vibrating Screen


Working principle and structure characteristics:

The utility model is mainly composed of an arc-shaped stainless steel screen surface, a screen frame and a supporting seat. The middle position of the screen frame center axis of rotation, the screen frame can make the center of the rotary shaft to rotate 180 degrees, without removing the screen change direction, thereby prolonging the service life of the screen. Coal slurry screen surface movement along the arc, each over a sieve, sieve and liquid flow due to the side impact angle, the screen angle of the powder surface tension in water have been destroyed, so there is a part of the water and fine cut down as siftage.


1.WFHS reversible arc screen is used in the coal industry, a fine-grained material dewatering, sculping, desliming grading equipment.

2.Mainly used in coal preparation plant, generally used in conjunction with heavy medium cyclone.

3.Can also be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, the material dewatering, sculping, desliming, grading and recycling.


1. Long service life, flexible operation and convenient.

2. High screening efficiency, not easy to plug holes, high rate of openings.

3. Dewatering effect is good, energy saving and environmental protection.
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