ZZF vibrating feeder from Winner

ZZF vibrating feeder from Winner
No.1, Gongye Road, Xinxiang County, Henan Province, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Other Machinery & Industry Equipment


Introduction Overview of ZZF vibrating feeder from Winner:

ZZF vibration feeder is composed of motor, tank, transmission shaft, exciter, leg and damping spring, the feeding process is driven by the vibrator driving groove in the mine with two motors, along the inclined direction do linear reciprocating cycle to achieve feeding, eventually the material continuously and uniformly sent to the receiving opening. Is the necessary equipment to implement automated assembly line.

Advantages of ZZF vibrating feeder from Winner:

1.Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure;

2.Installation and maintenance is convenient, operation cost is low;

3.Large feeding capacity;

4.Low noise, is beneficial to improving the working environment;

5.Energy saving: low power consumption, high power factor;

6.Stable amplitude, reliable operation, strong adaptability to various materials;

7.ZZF series vibrating feeder can achieve automatic, timing and quantitative ore-drawing;
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