Woodcut 8" CBN Sharpening Wheel

Woodcut 8" CBN Sharpening Wheel
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cbn grinding wheels for woodturners

CBN Sharpening Wheel
CBN Sharpening Wheels render traditional aluminum oxide grinding wheels obsolete. Machined from solid steel and electroplated with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive, the Woodcut Tru-Grind 8" CBN wheel cuts fast, stays cool and never requires dressing or shaping, unlike traditional grinding wheels.

It’s the perfect all around sharpening wheel as it is capable of removing material fast when needed yet able to produce an exceptional edge with a light touch. And, with the Woodcut Tru-Grind CBN wheel, you get a superbly sharp edge and polished bevel on hardened tool steel and carbide.

Warning: Grinding non-heat treated steel such as carbon steel, aluminum and other soft metals will cause irreparable damage to the CBN wheel. Always wear eye protection when sharpening.

CBN Sharpening Wheel Description
D203.2 T25.4/38.1 H15.875 X6.35
We offer 8" CBN Wheels we offer from Woodcut Tools that are 1" wide. They have with a 5/8" bore. 
We also offer a Jumbo 10" by 1-1/2" wide CBN Wheel to fit the Tormek and other similar wet grinders. It is 280 grit to produce a sharp edge and comes with a spacer for the shaft of the grinder. It can be used dry or wet.

Fast cut and forms a sharp edge;
No need dressing;
No need coolant;
Keep a good shape;

Meanwhile, More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd  also supplies CBN Grinding Wheel For Band Saw Blades; Diamond saw blades ; D4A2-1 resin diamond wheel for narrower gullets saw.
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