Polyurethane PU Polishing Pad for glass

Polyurethane PU Polishing Pad for glass
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Polyurethane (PU) Polishing Pad
More Superhard provides polyurethane (PU) polishing pads. Abrasive fillers include cerium and zirconium, some pads do not have abrasive filler.

Polyurethane (PU) Polishing PadPolyurethane (PU) Polishing Pad

Application of polyurethane (PU) polishing pad :

polishing and finishing of glass, LCD/LED substrates, precision optics, hard disk, metal and semiconductor wafer surfaces.

Size of polyurethane (PU) polishing pad :

dimensions include 23 x 55 inches (584.2 x 1397 mm), 36 x 71 inches (914 x 1803 mm), 42 x 42 inches (1066 x 1066 mm), 52 x 52 inches (1320 x 1320 mm) .

φ26 inches (660 mm), φ32 inches (812 mm), φ38 inches (965 mm), φ52 inches (1320 mm).

Custom sizes, shapes and configurations are available.

Thickness for polyurethane polishing pad:

standard thickness for PU polishing pads ranges from 0.020 inches (0.508 mm) to 0.20 inch (5.08 mm).
Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) backing: adhesive backing is available on all types of pads. PSA backing ranges from high-holding to low tack/easy release.

Grooving :grooves improve pad performance by reducing excess slurry from the pads surfaces. More Superhard 's pad in offered in a variety of groove configurations . The depth of a groove is usually half of the pad thickness, only pad with thickness of more than 2 mm can be grooved . Groove width is usually 2 mm, and the island size is usually 16*16 mm.

Custom sizes , shapes and configuration are available.
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