PT100 to 4-20mA one in two output splitter

PT100 to 4-20mA one in two output splitter
Shenzhen, China
Warranty:2 years
Category:Other Electrical Equipment
WAYJUN One In/Two out PT100 to 4-20mA/0-5V analog signal isolated splitter converters/transducer/temperature converter/thermal resistance converter

>> One input: Pt100/PT1000/PT10/Cu50/Cu100
>> Two output signal: 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V
>> Accuracy: 0.2 (FSR%)
>> Containing linear and long-term compensation
>> Power supply:5V(± 10%)/12V/15V/24VDC (8-32VDC)
>> Isolation voltage: 2500VDC (1mA, 60S)
>> Installation: DIN35 rail
>> Industrial temperature range: - 45 ~ + 85 ℃
>> Four-port Isolation:input/power supply/output 1/output 2
>> Size:106.7x79.0x25.0mm

signal Input: Pt100, temperature range:0~100℃, signal output 1:4-20mA, output 2:4-20mA, power:24VDC
Part No.: DIN12-Z1-T2-P1-A4
signal Input: Pt1000,temperature range:0~200℃; signal output 1:0-10V, output 2:0-10V, power:12VDC
Part No.: DIN12-Z5-T4-P2-V2

Product description:
The product is isolated Pt100/PT1000/PT10/Cu50/Cu100 temperature sensor transmitter, in industry mainly used for measuring the temperature of -200 ~ +600deg.C. The transmitter has linear and long-term compensation, the factory in accordance with national standard Pt100 indexing table calibration, fully meets 0.2accuracy. Input, output1, output2 and auxiliary power supply are completely isolated (four isolation), can withstand 2500VDC isolation voltage. Products using international standards for rail mounting DIN35, small size, high precision, stable performance, cost-effective, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, instrumentation and industrial control industries.
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