Big Size Synthetic Diamond Single Crystal

Big Size Synthetic Diamond Single Crystal
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Big Size Synthetic Diamond (BSSD)
• Item Name : Big size synthetic diamond
• Quality Grades : SMD691/690/680/660/640/620
• Size : 18/20, 16/18, 14/16, 12/14, 10/12, 2.0-4.2mm
• Usage : For drilling, cutting, grinding tools
• Features : Best crystal shape, pure color, higher TI/TTI data
Big size synthetic diamond (BSSD) means the high quality grade Diamond Grits which the diameter is from 0.8mm to 4.2mm. Compared with traditional synthetic diamond, BSSD has the characteristics of: Bigger grits diameter, higher quality grade, higher TI/TTI data, more transparent, better crystal shape, more pure color.
Big size synthetic diamond can be divided into six quality grades:
SMD691: Perfect crystal color, regular shape, good transparency, high strength and great thermal stability. Suitable for making cutting tools. Also can be used as jewelry and replace natural diamond.
SMD690: Consistent crystal color, regular shape, good transparency, high strength and high thermal stability. Suitable for making tools for sawing all kinds of hard stone &concrete, for geological drills. It also can be used as jewelry.
SMD680: Complete crystal shape, perfect cubic octahedron, good diaphaneity, high impact strength and thermal stability. Suitable for high grade cutting, drilling and grinding tools.

SMD660: Complete crystal shape with full surface, good diaphaneity and low impurity, high strength. Suitable for circular saws, frame-saw and geological broaches.

SMD640: Comparatively regular crystal shape, high mechanic strength, belonging to middle quality grade among them, containing more regular crystal. Suitable for grinding and free-cutting tools, grinding wheels which work with medium load .

SMD620: Comparatively regular crystal shape, sharp edges, low strength, belong to low quality grade among them. Suitable for grinding tools and wheels that work with low load.
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