Digital Portable Tension Meter LTTS

Digital Portable Tension Meter LTTS
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Digital Portable Tension Meter LTTS-200/500/1k/2k/5k/10k/20k/50k

The LTTS Digital Tension Meter is a hand-held device which accurately measures the running as well as statictensions of a wide variety of process materials including yarns, fibers, wires, optical fibe.

*It employs the ‘three-roller principle’ of tension test.
*High accuracy and high resolution.
*Power is supplied by 4xAAA alkaline battery.
*With 4 measurement unit for selection, N, kg, lb, g.

*Current Value, Max. Value, Peak Value, Min Valuevcan be displayed at the same time.
*With 10 minutes auto power off and manual power off.

*The Meter takes 62 tension measurements per second and displays the average of these measurements.
*With data output, by USB cable or Bluetooth adapter.

Unit:Kgf , gf , N , Lbf
Measuring Principle:Strain gauge
Measuring Frequency:16 msec (62.5 samples / sec)
Sensing Roller:Deflection of Sensing Roller ( max. ) 0.2 mm
Overload Capacity:150 % of Full Scale

Temperature Coefficient:
Zero : less than ±0.3% FS/ °C
Span : less than ±0.01% FS/ °C
Display:Blue Back light LCD

Display Update Rate:0.5 , 1.0 , 2.0 or 4.0 seconds , selectable
Memory System:Current Value , Max. Value , Peak Value , Min Value
Overrange Indicator:Buzzer Alarm
Power Off:10 Minutes Auto , Manual

Data Output:USB , Bluetooth
Roller Material:Stainless Steel ( Standard ),Plastic ( Optional )
Maximum Speed:2000 m/min
Power Supply:4 x 1.5 AAA( UM-4 ) Battery

Operation Temperature:0 ~ 40 °C
Operation Humidity:< 80 %
Weight:400 g
Main Unit : 149 x 70 x 30 mm
Sensor : 102 x 81 x 34 mm

For more details,please feel free to contact us.Thank you!

Measuring Range:
Tension Range:0~0.2kgf Resolution:0.001kgf
Tension Range:0~200gf Resolution:1gf
Tension Range:0~1.96N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~0.44Lbf Resolution:0.001Lbf
Accuracy:±1.0% or better

Tension Range:0~0.5kgf Resolution:0.001kgf
Tension Range:0~500gf Resolution:1gf
Tension Range:0~4.9N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~1.1Lbf Resolution:0.001Lbf
Accuracy:±1.0% or better

Tension Range:0~1.0kgf Resolution:0.001kgf
Tension Range:0~1000gf Resolution:1gf
Tension Range:0~9.8N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~2.2Lbf Resolution:0.001Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better

Tension Range:0~2.0kgf Resolution:0.001kgf
Tension Range:0~2000gf Resolution:1gf
Tension Range:0~19.6N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~4.4Lbf Resolution:0.001Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better

Tension Range:0~5.0kgf Resolution:0.01kgf
Tension Range:0~5000gf Resolution:1gf
Tension Range:0~49N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~11Lbf Resolution:0.01Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better

Tension Range:0~10.0kgf Resolution:0.01kgf
Tension Range:0~98N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~22Lbf Resolution:0.1Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better

Tension Range:0~20.0kgf Resolution:0.01kgf
Tension Range:0~196N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~44Lbf Resolution:0.1Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better

Tension Range:0~50.0kgf Resolution:0.01kgf
Tension Range:0~490N Resolution:0.001N
Tension Range:0~110Lbf Resolution:0.1Lbf
Accuracy:±1.5% or better
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