Dry type stainless steel wire drawing machine

Dry type stainless steel wire drawing machine
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Warranty:1 year
Category:Wire Drawing Machines


Basic information:
Raw material:ss steel wire dia.:5.5mm
Finished products:1.0mm
Straight line wire drawing machine LZ560-9(9 draws)
Drawing speed:5m/s
Production capacity:440kgt/h

Capstan:steel ZG45~55, hardness alloy tungsten carbide is spraying-painted on working surface, with HRC60, lifetime>=26000hours. The height of the capstan is 280mm. The height of spraying tungsten carbide is 80mm and the thickness is 2mm. The temperature of the capstan< 80℃. Roughness <0.8μmm. There are operation buttons in front of each capstan used to adjust the tension. Cooling type: narrow slit water cooling with water proof and anticorrosive treatment. Water volume :6m3/h ,Water pressure ≥0.25MPa, Air volume:1.5m3/h ,Air pressure ≥0.6MPa.

Die box:Welding part is adopted for die box, the spraying-painted tungsten carbide is adopted for the surface of guide wheel and guide roller. The die box is divided into lub. powder cavity and water cooling cavity (water flowing automatically for cooling)

Drive mode:Belt and gear box.The gear is made of the hard surface 20CrMnTi. The noise is less than 78db.

Bearing:Produced in Wafangdian,made of GCr15 steel.

Motor:22kw, 9sets,Inverted motor.Brand:Shandong Jinsheng. There is a brake to stop the motor and avoid turning in the opposite direction.Brake material: Nodular cast iron.

Inverter:SINEE brand,22kw
PLC:Mitsubishi brand,control the inverter speed
Low voltage electric appliances:Chint Brand

Control station: Contact screen, EMG stop, Switch, Start button,Stop button, Acceleration button, Deceleration button and Reset button.
Contact screen:Weinview color contact screen.Function: Set the wire diameter , speed and PID.It also can display and adjust the weight and length.If the four buttons "EMG Stop, System operation, Instructions, Inverter start" shows green, it means normal.When buttons change into red, it means break down .

Protective cover: Made of cold rolled steel(or stainless steel ). There is a window on the plate to observe the drawing process. Before running, you will need to drop the protective cover. If the protective cover opens, the drawing machine will stop automatically.

Power consumption: Rated Motor 198KW, in reality 99kw/h
Weight:953kg per set,total 8577 kg
Accessory :Alloy steel die
The brand of electric appliance can be customized according to client's requirment.

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