1-20ton single girder gantry crane used is factory, storage yard

1-20ton single girder gantry crane used is factory, storage yard
Weier Road No1, Crane Inductry Park, Changyuan, Xinxiang, Henan, 434000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Gantry Cranes


Single girder gantry crane is a type of light small gantry crane with a single girder and rail travelling. The single girder gantry crane is designed for generally material handling, with the lifting capacity around 1 to 20 tons, and working class A3, or A4.

Single girder gantry crane is mainly consisted of gantry frame, i.e. main single girder, legs, bottom end beams, lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, and electrical control. It can be designed with two hanging arms, one hanging arm or no-hanging arm according to client's lifting requirements and application environment.

Single girder gantry crane is regular crane, designed for general material handling, which is frequently used at open ground, warehouse, ports, granite industry, cement pipe industry, open yard, container depots and shipyards, etc. However, it is forbidden to handle melt metal, inflammable. Or explosive objects.

• Simple structure, Easy installation
• Good usability and high performance efficiently
• Low and easy maintenance
• Standardized, generalized and serialized parts.
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