Sprayidea Spot Lifter

Sprayidea Spot Lifter
Changan, Dongguan, Guangdong, 523800, China


Sprayidea® 69 spot lifter

Non toxic fast dry spot lifter for carpet fabric cleaning

Name:Spot lifter
Item No.:69
Size:450mL (400g)
Scent:Low odor
Spray pattern:Powder
Packing:24 pieces / carton
Effect time:3-5 minutes
Shelf life:24 months
Main ingredient:Propane.butane

1.Dry powder formed after spray.
2.Special formula,can be used for a variety of fabric cloth.
3.Clean the oil stains on the fabric without leaving any traces.
4.Safety used on wool,knitted fabric,cotton fabric,silk and synthetic fiber.
5.Improve the work efficiency and productivity,remove the grease stains on clothes,will help manufacturers delivery on schedule.

1.Our products are very environmental friendly with a low odor and without CFS.
2.It can completely remove grease spots on the textile fibers.
3.It can efficiently and effectively to meet environmental requirements, and will not pollute the environment.
4.A highly efficient spot lifter which dissolves and removes oil-based stains on fabric easily and quickly. Environmental friendly &causes no pollution.

1.Before using uniform body inverted, 15 cm distance evenly spray on stain.
2.After completely dry , brush the white powder gently, oil is removed.
3.Deal with stubborn stains, repeat the above steps.

6.Don’t use spot lifter on raincoat or water-proof articles,rubbery or foam-made materials and suede products.
7.Don’t spray on eyes and keep out of the reach of children.
8.Don’t keep in place where temperature exceeds50°C.
9.Keep it away from fire.Don’t throw the empty can into fire after it’s been used up.
10.Please check if color will fade before applying on print fabric.

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