peripheral grinding wheel

peripheral grinding wheel
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       Brand: More Super Hard
-       Product: resin bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel
resin bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel

-       Bonding Agent: Vitrified Bond, Ceramic bond.
-       Type: Grinding wheel, Polishing wheel
-       Type Code: 1A1, 1V1, 1EE1, 1FF1, 3A1, 11A2, 6A9, 14A1,14A1R,11V9, 11C9, 4A2, 6A1,6A2, 12A2, 9A3, 1F1,12V2, 1L1, 14EE1, 4B1, 14E1, 4A2P, 11B2, 6A2T, 11V2, 9A1, 1A1R, 1F1, 1A8, 9A1, 9A1B,3K1, 1A1W, 4V2, 1A3, 1A2T, 1A2, 12C9, 14E6Q, etc
-       Material: Diamond, CBN/Borazon
-       Size: Diameter. 25-500mm;  T. 5-40mm;  H. 10-127mm.
-       Line speed: 35~80 (M/S)
-       Grit: 60#~8000# (D301-D0.7)
-       Application: Rough diamond polishing, Tungsten carbide grinding, Glass grinding,  Ceramic grinding, PCD/PCBN inserts edge grinding
-       Application Industry: Jewelry, Automobile, Aerospace, Oil drilling, Coal mining, Metal processing, Optical
-       Certification: ISO 9001:2000
-       Packing: Carton box with foam box. (Gift package is available)
-       MOQ: 5 pieces
-       Delivery Time: 7—15 Days
-       Sample: Available
Application of resin bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel
Mainly used for precise edge grinding indexable inserts made of tungsten carbide, ceramics, cermets , high speed steel, CBN, pCBN.
Main Features of resin bond diamond peripheral grinding wheel
1.Good surface accuracy retention
2.High stock removal efficiency
3.High durability, long life span
4.Good edge quality of inserts
Suitable for grinding machine:
400 Series: 400PENTA, 400COMBI, 400SEMI, 400PERI.
350 Series: 350T&B, 350COMBI
250 Series: AGATHON, PA250
400 Series: WAC715, WAC735
350 Series: WAM336
Product Range:
-      Vitrified/Ceramic bond diamond & CBN tools
-      Resin bond diamond & CBN tools
-      Electroplated diamond & CBN tools
-      Metal diamond & CBN tools
-      PCD/PCBN cutting tools, milling tools, drilling tools, reamers, boring tools
-      PDC drilling tools, PDC drill bits, PDC drill bit inserts
-      TSP Polycrystalline diamond, TSP inserts
-      CVD diamond plate
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