Latest safety Roadblocks Hydraulic Integral Rising Bollard

Latest safety Roadblocks Hydraulic Integral Rising Bollard
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Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8530800000
Category:Traffic Barriers


Hydraulic rising bollard product description
1、Product overview
Hydraulic rising bollard is the equipment mainly used for road vehicle traffic’s control and can be used matching with the barrier gate control system, can also be used independently; It is mainly for sensitive areas to prevent non-permitted vehicles to force in and with specially designed and developed, very high practicability, reliability and safety. It is formed by the bottom of the base, lifting roadblocks and power transmission device, control and other parts, according to the different needs of different customers, with a variety of configurations can be for the user to choose, can meet customers’ various functional requirements.

2、Hydraulic rising bollard main functions and features
2.1、Standard product features:
1)Rugged and durable, large load bearing, smooth operation, low noise.
2) Take PLC electric control system, stable and reliable system performance, ease of integration.
3)Rising bollard could linkage control with other devices,such as barrier , but also with other control equipment, and automatic control.
4) In case of power failure or malfunction, for example, when bollard is in the raised state but need to be down, it can let the cover of the rising bollard down to a horizontal position through manual operation to allow vehicles pass.
5) Using the leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology of the world, to make the entire system is safe, reliable and stable.
6) remote control device: wireless remote control, may be in the range of 100 meters around the controller (according to the site of the radio communication environment), rising bollard could be remote controlled by switch button.
7) According to user requirements can add functions as follow:
1) Controlled by card: the installation of card reader, which can control bollard lifting automatically by card.
2) The linkage of barrier and rising bollard : with addition of barrier (stop buffer) / Access control , it can be realized the linkage of barrier, access control and rising bollard.
3) Connection of computer management system or billing systems: it could be connected to management system and billing systems, and centralized control by the computer.

2.2、Hydraulic Rising Bollard main functions and features:
1) Fast speed and low noise
The fastest time of lifting is 2 seconds. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, its operation with low noise.
2) Agility Control
The control unit uses a versatile logic controller, so it can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different needs of different users on the functionality.In addition, its movement stroke can be set to timing mode, and the user can freely control the lift height of the cover, to save energy consumption.
3) Unique Structure
The core part of the hydraulic unit and mechanical mechanism is integrated design. Mechanical energy can be effectively transmitted to the hydraulic drive unit, And the operation is efficient. Hydraulic unit is a unique design to achieve the direct entrance of pressure.Its excellent performance is rare at home and abroad in the same field.
4) Safe and Reliable
When in the case of power outages and other emergency situations, you can manually press the button of emergency descent, then the bollard will fall, with an open channel to let the vehicles pass.Top and bottom internal of the fixed body are provided with current detection sensor and a magnetic sensor, thus realizing the protection for the power about over-current and cylinder limit effective, stable and reliable.
5) Economical and Practical
Environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption, low failure rate, long service life, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the use of non traditional institutional design, installation and maintenance, more simple and quick.

6) Usage Scope
Products are widely used in urban transportation, military and important state organs door and the surrounding, pedestrian street, highway, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions. By restricting the passing vehicles, it can effectively ensure the safety of the main facilities and places.
1) State organs, the military and other important units’ door: install anti rising bollard, can be electric, remote control or swipe card and other ways to control the lift, effectively prevent the entry of foreign and illegal vehicles into the door.
2)Pedestrian street: pedestrian street intersection install rising bollard, usually in the up position, limiting vehicle access, in case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leadership inspection etc.), the bollard will fall quickly to make vehicles access.
3) Road Isolation Belt: in the non fully enclosed road isolation belt can use rising bollard to stop the vehicle turn left or turn around. In case of road construction, road congestion and other special circumstances, can put down the bollard, so that the vehicle is diverted to traffic.
4) Multi purpose Square: bollard in up position during the day to prohibit vehicles entering the square. In the nighttime, using the square as a temporary parking lot, put down rising bollard, so that the vehicle can enter the parking.
5) Open Park: Open Park Road junction install rising bollard, usually in up position, to prevent vehicles access, while visitors can freely pass. In case of special circumstances, put down the bollard, so that vehicles can pass.
6) Residential quarters, bank, school and other places to restrict the entry of vehicles and ensure the effective use of fire exits.
7) Highway: need for road closure, use of automatic rising bollard, convenient and quick, and can solve the problem of shortage of police force.

3、The main structure and configuration
3.1、Hydraulic station components:
1)Motor: 3HP * 4P three-phase 380V (industrial grade)
2)Pump: (gear pump) (technical grade)
3)Lifting solenoid valve: (Industrial) (solenoid valve fall relief check valve) (DONGCUN)
4)Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders: HOB50-200CA + I into a long length of 200 heavy-duty industrial pole (ASHUN)
5)Double acting double oil pump manually: 2.3ML / times 63mpa (industrial grade)
6)Fuel tank capacity: 60 liters
7)Hydraulic tube: PT International Standard gongs profiling interfaces, 1/2 double high pressure steel pipe
8)Tubing: from the factory with 5 m, shall be extended USD4 per meter.

3.2、Control Box Components:
1) PLC control command chip: The United States imported original chip (industrial grade)
2) Power switch: three-phase 220V (industrial grade)
3) control solenoid valve: Industrial
4) Power Supply Industrial Grade: (--28--85 degrees)
5) Remote control range: within 30 meters
6) Display text : can be set to your company name and address of the phone contacts)

4、Technical Parameters TDZ-Z758
1)System Control :Electric hydraulic drive
2)Through the pressure:bearing over 80 tons container truck
3)Power supply:220V(Control voltage 24V)
4)System Power(w):/3.7KW
5)Rising time:≤3-5S(adjustable)
6)Falling time:≤3S (adjustable)
7)Working temperature:-35℃~75℃(suitable)
8)Storage environment:-10℃~65℃, anti-rain and anti-moisture and anti-dust
9)Material:304 stainless steel,( 201,304,316 stainless steel, optional)
10)Outside bollard height:600mm
12)Diameter selection:168mm, 219mm,275mm,324mm
13)Box round diameter:370mm , Height 990mm

5、Hydraulic integral rising bollard adaptive place:
Mainly used in: urban transportation, military and national key organs of the gate and the surrounding, pedestrian street, highway, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and so on.
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