PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool

PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool
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PCBN, also referred to as CBN, is most commonly used in the machining of extremely hard and/or abrasive materials.  Shape-Master Tool manufactures a large variety of the highest quality PCBN cutting tools.
More’S Advantage:
We present to our clients a wide variety of Special PCD/PCBN Tools. These tools are used for cutting cast iron, aluminum, copper, stainless, bronze, and several heat treated metals for metalworking and Automobile industries. Custom designed as per the requirements of our clients, these products are high on performance, and highly durable. Furthermore, we have designed these products to make them work with high precision machines with tolerance of 0.001mm and 0.005mm run out.
PCBN tool: Polycristalline cubic boron nitride
Widely used for ferrous metals,grey cast iron and iron series metal work pieces.
. In addition to this, our range is ideal for cutting hard material (HRC32 to 60) such as quenched steel, pearlitic grey cast iron, cold hard cast iron and high-temperature alloys.

PCD tool: Polycrystalline diamond
Used for different types of applications, groove and cut tungsten carbide and nonmetal work pieces such as composite material.
From non-ferrous metals and wear resistant non-metallics like wood, ceramics, graphite, nylon, carbon fiber and plastics.
These tools also have excellent cutting ability and cutting effect for copper, aluminimum, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals.
Size(square shank):
12*120*60°               12*120*55°                12*120*45°
14*120*60°               14*120*55°                14*120*45° 
16*120*60°               16*120*55°                16*120*45°
18*120*60°               18*120*55°                18*120*45° 
20*120*60°               20*120*55°                20*120*45°
1. The service life of welding the PCD/PCBN external grooving tool is 10 to 15 times that of the average tungsten carbide grooving tool and coating grooving tool.
2. Our PCD/PCBN external grooving tool features small vibration of the blade. It can also avoid the easy breaking of the set screw and the trouble repeatedly adjusting the tip.
3. Its processing precision can reach 3 micrometers.
4. We can manufacture welding PCD/PCBN external grooving tool of various specifications according to the need of our customers.
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