Industry selling segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane

Industry selling segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane
Crane Industrial Park, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, 453000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Gantry Cranes


Product Description

Both the overhead and underslung launching gantry (LG) consist of two independent self-supporting main structures combined with advanced lifting equipment, creating an exceptionally flexible system for both the balanced cantilever and the span by span method.

Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane
Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane is generally used in the erection of the Highway Bridge and Subway Bridge, using the precast segmental prestress concrete box beam (PC beam) assembly. The main feature is the high efficiency of construction and self-traveling. Generally it is composed of the main beam, leg and winch trolley, the main girder is used for bearing, the leg is to execute machine transverse moving, longitudinal moving, leveling, support, cross span, cross scale and other functions, and the winch trolley used for lifting the precast girder.

Our advantages:
A. More than 50 R&D personnel with advanced Science and technology.
B. More than 400 sets advanced Production processing equipment and inspection equipment.
C. Independent intellectual property rights to develop energy saving bridge cranes, gantry cranes, and electric hoist.
D. Obtain ISO 9001 certificate and more than 10 series of patent certificates.
E. Efficient service and competitive products.
F. Export more than 100 countries.

1. Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion in conveying;
2. Main beams, end beams and electric hoist are packed by plastic woven cloth. It can reduce abrasion when transport.

1. If the size of Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane are suitable for container ship, usually by container;
2. If the size is too big, usually by bulk ship or by container after truncation; Transport ways are based on reducing cost for you and keep the crane performance.

Delivery time
Within 30 to 40 working days after the receipt of deposit.

Generally 35 days to 50 days to destination port.

1. What’s the information should I provide when inquiry about the Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane?
a .we need the Bridge Drawing, the Maximum longitudinal slope and the Maximum Transverse slope.
b. The Girder/beam drawing.

2. How many Personnel and equipment to assemble Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane in the worksite we need?
Personnel: 8 to 10 workers equipment
Truck crane > 50 t : 2 sets
Φ19.5 steel wire rope 8 m: 4 ropes
Sleepers: several
Electric welding machine: 1 set
Oxygen, acetylene: 1 set
Hammer(12 pound and 8 pound): 1 set for each
Wrench and pincher: several
Gradienter: 1 set

3. What are inspection standard for load test of Segmental underslung launching gantry equipment crane?
Dynamic load test
1.1 times rated load, main girder does not down deflection, all mechanisms work well, performance parameters meet the design demand, all limit switches and safety protection interlock devices are reliable, all spare parts does not have cracking and flexible connection, all motors and contactors are not overhead.

Static load test
1.25 times rated load, all mechanisms work well, the crane stops 20 min to 30 min as trial load is lifted 10 cm high, then measure main girder down deflection(theodolite, ruler). Put down trial load to measure main girder upper chamber, repeat 3 times, steel structure does not have permanent deformation.
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