VV600PLUS / VV602PLUS Seismic Detector for Safe and Vault

VV600PLUS / VV602PLUS Seismic Detector for Safe and Vault
Room 3101, East Building, Yihai Square, Chuangye Road, NanShan District, Shenzhen China
The VV600 Plus series seismic detectors are designed to detect attempts to break into vaults, safes, night deposit boxes, automatic teller machines (ATMs) and other reinforced physical areas such as data storage's and filing cabinets. The VV600 Plus Series is a next generation development based on proven high technology electronic processing with excellent secure detection without false alarms. Not only with a new look but also designed for the highest security with full-scale tamper protection and two

Detects all known methods of attacks
Advanced signal processing differentiates between ambient noise and real attacks
Extremely low current draw
Two options of testing
Adjustable sensitivity
Full-scale tamper protection
Complete line of accessories
Easy to install

Input power: 9 to 15 VDC, 2 V pk-pk
Current consumption: Nominal 8.6 mA
Alarm output: Form A solid state relay, max series resistance 35 ohm
Alarm indication: LED-indication screw no. 3
Sensitivity adjustment: 5 steps of approx. 6 dB each
Test output: Screw no. 4 for measuring ambient noise level
Detection range: 3 to 14 m radius. See Installation Manual for planning purposes
Tamper protection: Temperature 84°C, drill shield, opening contact, pry-off contact
Low voltage alarm: 7.5 V
IP rating: IP30
Operating temperature: -20 to +55°C
Relative humidity: 90% at 30°C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 81 x 101 x 28 mm
Colour: Grey, RAL 7035
Weight: 380 g

VV602-PLUS Seismic detector for ATMs and night safe deposit boxes
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