Suspension Clamp for OPGW Cable

Suspension Clamp for OPGW Cable
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OPGW preformed suspension clamp is mainly used to support the suspend OPGW cable. It is suitable for the OPGW cable, conductor and grounding wire on transmission line. It is recommended used on the line with turning angle less than 30 degree.

2.1.Reasonable distribution of static stress, good endurance capacity for dynamic stress (such as vibration and waving). The grip strength to cable can reach 10%~20% of cable's ultimate tension strength.
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2.2. No rigidity contact with cable(conductor), minimum abrasion.
2.3. Excellent materials make the clamp has good elasticity, well tenacity, strong fatigue resistance, well corrosion resistance and long & safe service life.
2.4. Not only protecting cable, its round and smooth outer shape can reduce the corona discharge and electromagnetic loss immensely.
Composition: Inner reinforcing rod, outer rod, rubber insert, suspension housing, grounding wire, etc.

We provide Preformed Cable Fitting such as down lead clamp, PVC Helical vibration damper , armor grips, ADSS/OPGW tension string and suspension clamp.
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