Stranded Stainless Steel Tube OPGW Cable

Stranded Stainless Steel Tube OPGW Cable
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Jan 3, 2018
Apr 4, 2018
Application product description:
Stranding stainless steel tube OPGW cable is cable product that produced by way of comprehensive stranding the aluminium clad steel wires and stainless steel tube optical unit which replaced one or some of aluminium clad steel wires of traditional ground wire cable. It realized the function of optical fiber communication and has bigger diameter and more optical fiber compared with center stainless steel tube OPGW. The characteristics and application are as follows:
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Structure characteristics and application:
Big diameter and more optical fiber
Big tensile strength and short-circuit current capacity, arrive the best balance of mechanical and electrical properties
One or more optical units
Best design of strand, obtain secondary optical fiber extra length
Two or three layers of stranding wires, the wire can be aluminium clad steel wire or the combination of aluminium alloy wire and aluminium wire

ASTM B416-98, AS1222, IEC61089

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