YATONE commercial tyre 175/70R14C

YATONE commercial tyre 175/70R14C
No.20 Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, 266101, China
Warranty:2 years
Category:Commercial Truck Wheels
Product Features:
1. Application of three channe wide groove: reduces hydroplaning and increases performance and safety at high speed;
2. Quite-ride pitch alignment: optimized tread pitch width and alignment quiet resonance and the road noise it creates;
3. Multi-waves sipe design: multi-waves sipes guarantee the outstanding water evacuation, prevention of uneven wear and excellent handling performance.
4. Quite-ride pitch alignment: optimizes tread pitch width and alignment quiet resonance and the road noise it creates.

Product details:
1. Supplier: Qingdao Greenland Tyre Co., Ltd.
2. Brand: YATONE
3. Category: commercial tyre
4. Pattern: EFFITRAC
5. Size: 175/70R14C
6. LI&SS: 95/93S
7. Overall diameter (mm): 602
8. Section width (mm): 177
9. Tread depth (mm): 8.2
10. Standard rim:5J
11. Minimum order quantity: 1350
12. Packing: no packing
13. Port: Qingdao
14. Lead time: 20-30 days
15. Quotation validity: 15 days
16. Payment term: T/T 30 in advance, T/T 70% within 4 days before shipment
17. Sample policy: we do not provide free samples, but will reimburse the buyer once the order is confirmed.
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