CVD Industrial Synthetic Diamond in Dressing Rollers

CVD Industrial Synthetic Diamond in Dressing Rollers
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Diamond dressing wheel is used for high-volume molding grinding plus
Worker's high efficiency, high life, low cost wheel forming dressing tools.

The working principle of the diamond wheel is:
through the diamond grinding wheel mounted on the ordinary ceramic trim
Porcelain wheel or CBN wheel, grinding wheel and then shape the parts, so that the outline of the diamond wheel profile
And precision, size through the grinding wheel to be copied to the surface of the workpiece.

It is characterized by simple machine operation, the technical requirements of the operating workers is not high, the accuracy of the processed products
Consistency, quality and stability, can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, capacity
Easy to automate the grinding process. Compared with the traditional single-point diamond pen trim, the production efficiency is drastic
Improve, and machined parts surface quality and accuracy is higher, so the more practical application of some.
According to customer requirements can produce a variety of non-standard wheels, polishing wheel, cutting films and other products

Diamond dressing roller is widely applied in automobile industry, crankshaft, valve and piston rings, oil, oil needleBall bearing channel, linear guide rails, viceBody;Machine tool industry, gear processing, ball screw;Bearing industry:Cone bearings, column bearing channel, textile bearings.
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