gear coupling

gear coupling
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Warranty1 year
CategoryShaft Couplings
Gear coupling
Teeth coupling, suitable for connecting two horizontal coaxial shaft drive shaft. With compensation for the relative displacement of the two-axis performance, the transfer of nominal torque 0.71 ~ 1000KN ยท m

1.Curved tooth gear coupling series coupling outer tooth can be positive and negative assembly to get the three different axial distance, convenient for customer use; the tooth crest, help to improve the meshing performance, eliminate the load of tooth tip, but also reduce the gap and radial gap and improve the transmission stability.
3.The same specifications parts is interchangeable , to optimize the production and use;
SuyeTT coupling with special surface treatment or coating protection, to improve its corrosion resistance;
4.In order to ensure the most simple assembly and disassembly, Fasteners galvanized function, in order to prevent the corrosion and unable to tear open outfit;
5.gear coupling products completely manufactured by themselves, to fully guarantee the quality and delivery time, the highest product integrity and the most advantage of the price;
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