tyre coupling

tyre coupling
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Tyre coupling
tire coupling has a good cushioning effect of poor performance of the shaft deviation, UL tire coupling transmission torque of 10 ~ 25000N · m, operating temperature -20 ~ +80 ℃, widely used in shock and vibration , Positive and negative change frequently start frequent occasions.

1. tire type coupling does not need lubrication, effectively saving maintenance costs;
2. tire coupling wear parts, tire wear at a glance, without dismantling the demolition can be directly judged, so it can be very convenient maintenance and replacement;
3. The replacement and installation of the worn parts of the tyre coupling is very simple, and the motor and the equipment are not disturbed when changing the tire;
4. tire coupling allows large misalignment, allowing the angular displacement of 4 degrees, parallel displacement can be as high as 6 mm, while the axial displacement is 8 mm;
5. the vibration performance of the tire coupling is very good, the coupling can be "curled" about 12 degrees, in order to absorb the vibration of a system;
6. the tyre coupling can solve the problem of torsional vibration by matching the tires with different stiffness;
7. tire coupling can be bidirectional driven because of the bidirectional winding of the rope bearing the internal load;
8. the tire type coupling is completely free from the gap, so it is ideal to reverse drive, especially when the gear drive is used;
9. tire type coupling selection of fire or anti-static tires can be used for fire, anti-static occasions;
10. tire type couplings are equipped with various types of flanges, F. H. B. E. M. positioning sleeve, universal shaft, high speed shaft and flywheel;
11. the tyre coupling can be made of taper sleeve or short taper sleeve, so that the transmission structure is compact;
12. the tyre coupling is simple in structure and easy to assemble. It needs no axial shift coupling when changing the tyre body.
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