Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine
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Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine
Organic fertilizer is mainly used to supply nutrients to promote the rapid and balanced growth of plants/crops. In organic fertilizer manufacturing process, organic fertilizer machine becomes an inevitable equipment.
Different Types:
1.New Type dedicated organic fertilizer granulating machine
2.Disc fertilizer granulating machine
3.Rotary drum fertilizer granulating machine
4.Double roller fertilizer granulating machine
Wide Application of Organic Fertilizer Making Machine
1.It can be applied in Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line. Raw materials: peat, lignite, organic municipal sludge, and straw.
2.It can be applied in Cake Fertilizer Production Line. Main raw material is soybean cake.
3.It can be applied in Organic Compound Fertilizer Production Line. Raw materials is chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, and other livestock/poultry waste.
4. It can be applied in Complete Feed, Mixed Feed Production Line. Raw materials are maize, legume, and grass powder.
5. It can be applied in Biological Feed Production Line. Raw material is crop stalks.
Features of Organic Fertilizer Granulator
1.This machine has a steady performance, and is made of anti-corrosive and wear-resistant materials, which prolongs a long service life of the machine.
2.Take advantages of the features that organic fertilizer particles can be inlaid with each other under some conditions. So no binders need to be added during the granulation process.
3. Both the concentration of organic raw materials and the granulation rate are high, so it can produce 100% pure organic fertilizer granules.
4. The final granules are spherical and uniformly shaped, which prolongs the quality of the organic fertilizer granules.
5. Organic raw materials don’t need to be dried or crushed, which makes the producing process more effective and economic.

Our Service:
All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. If quality problems happen in guarantee period,our company will maintain for free. Before sending the machine, we will test and adjust, so you can use directly when you get it. Operation video & instruction will be sent to clients, to help them use the machines better.
Additionally, our company provides technical support and fittings for life. After-sales service isn't restricted by time and we will solve your problems in time. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.
Any problems occur while using, professional advice will be offered. All kinds of frequently used parts are supplied all the year round.
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