Marine pneumatic rubber fender

Marine pneumatic rubber fender
9 Building Xing Sheng Road, Chongqing, 400050, China
Min. order:1 piece
Payment terms:T/T
Brand name:CCME
Model number:CCM3
Warranty:5 years
Lead time:5-15 days


Pneumatic yokohama rubber fendersare suitable for many applications including:
*Tankers, gas carriers and bulk cargo ships;
*Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels;
*Temporary of permanent installations;
*Rapid response and emergency fendering;
*As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities.

Floating yokohama fender (for ship use) uses compressed-air as medium to absorb the energy from impact. The sides of ships are softer when berthing, so the result of collision-avoiding is achieved.

All our fenders are frame work instead of hand-making, to have fenders with better quality and longer used time. Compared with traditional bumper-style rubber fender, it has the following features, absorbing greater impact, less reverse impact on the ships, easy installation, more elasticity, not being bent out of shape under pressure, less weigh and practical and economical.

So pneumatic fender has widespread application on oil tankers, container vessels, luxury yachts, ocean platforms, large shipyards, military ports and large underwater foundations of bridges, etc.
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