reverse osmosis system china

reverse osmosis system china
Building 11, No.428 Banqiao Road, Shanghai, 201508, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Water Treatment Machinery


Suitable Area:
General Experiment, Qualitative/Quantitative analysis, Biopsy test, Microbiological test, Biochemical Analyzer, Aging Oven, Salt-fog test box and etc.
Feed water requirements:
Tap Water, Temperature:5-40°C, Pressure:1.0-5.0Kg, TDS<200ppm
RO Water Quality:
Conductivity≤1μs/cm@25°C, Resistivity≥1MΩ·cm@25°C, GB/T 6682-2008 Level Ⅲ
UP Water Quality:
Conductivity≤0.2μs/cm@25°C, Resistivity≥5-10MΩ·cm@25°C,
GB/T 6682-2008 Level Ⅱ
Output (L/H): 05-250
Flow rate: RO water: 2L/min, UP water: 1.8L/min
Desk Model: 430mm*410mm*460mm
Console Model: 480mm*480mm*850mm
Tank Volume:20L pressure tank
ELectrical requirements: 220V/50HZ / customization
Power: 30-80W
Features and advantages:
1. Microcomputer automatic control system
2. Humanization display system
3. Touch screen system
4. Two kinds of water quality display system
5. Power-on Self Test system
6. Regularly washing system, RO sterilization system, RO film washing system
7. Each index display system, such as: water lacking and alarm, working, storage, test.
8. Updated system on water quality and water yield
9. RS232 could be used
10. Modular and quick connec design, easy to maintain
11. Patented design on freely water yield by electromagnetic induction
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