tap water purifier FOR LABORATORY

tap water purifier FOR LABORATORY
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Feb 2, 2018
Suitable Area:
Student Experiment, Clean Glassware, Produce general solution, Biochemistry analyzer etc,
Feed water requirements:
Tap Water, Temperature:5-40°C, Pressure:1.0-5.0Kg, TDS<200ppm
RO Water Quality:
Conductivity≤1μs/cm@25°C, Resistivity≥1MΩ·cm@25°C, GB/T 6682-2008 Level Ⅲ
UP Water Quality:
Conductivity≤0.08μs/cm@25°C, Resistivity: 12-17MΩ·cm@25°C, Absorbancy≤0.001,
Soluble Silicon<0.01mg/L, TOC<15ppb, Particle<1/ml,
Extractable Metal Content<0.01mg/L, SiOX≤0.01mg/L
GB/T 6682-2008 Level Ⅰ,
Output (L/H): 05-220
Flow rate: RO water: 2L/min, UP water: 1.8L/min
Dimension: Desk Model: 360mm*340mm*420mm Console Model: 480mm*480mm*850mm
Tank Volume:Imported vacuum pressure tank
ELectrical requirements:220V/50HZ
UV Configuration:185nm*254nm dual wavelength ultraviolet digestion machine
UF Ultrafiltration Configuration: Pore Diameter: 0.22μm
Features and advantages:
1. Automatic control system, display system, touch screen system.
2. Self-Check washing system
3. Regularly water quality display system
4. Machine running and UP ready display system
5. RO film automatic washing and sterilizating system
6. System test system
7. Automatical water recycle system for high quality
8. Modular and quick connec design, easy to maintain
9. ABS machine cabinet with steel foot pad, which is meet IP54 standard
10. Updated system on water quality and water quantity
11. Double stages reverse osmosis and EDI technology could be added
12. Long-diatance control system by infrared ray could be added
13. Patented design on freely water quantity output by electromagnetic induction could be added
14. RS232 could be added for you to record water quality
15. 24h/7D detection system, 0.01cm sensitive conductivity pool, temperature range ±0.1℃, Electrical conductivity(μs/cm) online detection/ temperature online detection; RO ultrapure water electrical conductivity(μs/cm) online detection/ temperature online detection; UP ultrapure water electrical resistivity(MΩ.cm) online detection/ temperature online detection, automatic refreshing pretreatment system to avoid human error and make the maintenance more convenience and quicker, consumable disable alarm system.