Floating foam filled marine polyurethane E.V.A fender

Floating foam filled marine polyurethane E.V.A fender
9 Building Xing Sheng Road, Chongqing, 400050, China
Min. order:1 piece
Brand name:CCME
Model number:CCM6
Product certifications:CCS ABS BV GL EC RINA
Usage:Marine use
Warranty:5 years
Lead time:5-15 days


1. It can float on water without any fluence of tide.
2. No need to inspect,inflate under working.
3. Not afraid of pricking,conflict and anti-corroding.
4. Working age can last for more than 13 years and no need to maitaining.
5. Without any danger of bursting and be very safe.
6. It can absorb large energy better and has a smaller counter-force.
7. Polyurethane fender is the largest kind in all kinds of fenders.
8. You can choose the outer color as you needed.
9. Easy installation and removement.
10. Chain networks promises a long working age.
Rubber foam fenders are normally supplied with standard capacity. Low reaction capacity, or high capacity also are available upon request.
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