Marine Bronze Globe Valve

Marine Bronze Globe Valve
9 Building Xing Sheng Road, Chongqing, 400050, China
Min. order:1 piece
Payment terms:T/T
Brand name:CCME
Model number:CCM3
Dimensions per unit:Customized size
Usage:Marine use
Warranty:5 years


Marine Valve
1.Marine Bronze Globe Valve JIS F7409 16K
2.12 months warranty
3.Short delivery time-15 days

Marine Valve
1. Marine Valve Applicable Scope:
* The products are used for preventing refluence in fuel oil piping,
lubricating oil piping and water piping at temperatures 120ÂșC or less.
Dimensions of flange are according to JIS B2220 flange dimensions of steel pipe.
2. Marine Valve Material of Major Parts:
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