Wood Cellulose Fiber Used in Food and Mortar Additive

Wood Cellulose Fiber Used in Food and Mortar Additive
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Wood Cellulose Fiber used in food and Mortar Additive

Wood cellulose is a fiber form additives, which can be mixed with powder material such as cement, gypsum and lime etc to enhance the performance on anti-cracking, water retention, anti-shrinkage and anti-slag.

Color White white-off Grey
Model XB-200 XB-300 XB-500 XM-150 XH-500 XH-1000
Bulk weight (appro.)
(g/l) 190-210 210-240 300-350 150-210 250-280 130-150
Package(kg/bag) 20 20 20 20 20 10
Fiber length 200μm 300μm 500μm 150μm 500μm 1000μm
Application Application EIFS Compounds Mortars Cement & lime Plaster, Skim coat, stucco & adhesive mortars, Self-leveling mortar & Paints
Moisture < 5.0%
pH Value 7
Water retention 850% 850% 850% 600% 700% 700%
Key properties
It can make the concrete and some dry-mix mortars:
Water retention,
Packaging & Shipping
A. Standard Packing: In 15 or 20kg paper bags inner with plastic woven bag.
B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.
Store it in dry condition, and storage time should not exceed six months.
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