six axis cnc deep hole drilling machine

six axis cnc deep hole drilling machine
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1. ZJR series of six axis CNC deep hole drilling is automatic and multifunctional, majoring in deep-hole drilling and cutting, while milling function is also professional. With the modern industry advanced technology, the performance, accuracy, processing range, operating mode and working efficiency are in the international advanced level.
Performance parameters:
FANUC 0i –MF CNC system: stable performance, convenient operation programming, perfect and punctual after-sales service.
FANUC servo motor for six coordinate axis and main axis: good characteristic and perfect low speed performance.
With high-precision ball screw bar and rolling linear guide, the operating components make positioning accurately.
Remote control device is adopted in cooling system. Depends on the hole size, materials, chips and required precision, adjusting the flow rate and pressure can optimize the cooling result.
Precision detection: The dynamic inspection is done by British Renishaw laser interferometer. It makes compensation dynamically according to the test result, which ensures the positioning of the whole machine and re-positioning accurately.
ZJR series CNC deep-hole drilling machine is mainly used for extremely difficult processes of deep-hole in mold industry. It’s spoken highly of its high-efficiency, low-cost, humanized technological process.
2. ZJA series of three axis CNC deep hole drilling
Product features:
Three coordinates CNC linkage runs automatically;
Slender deep hole machining process without return, drilling efficiency is as high as 6 times more than ordinary drilling machine;
Processing aperture range, gun drill; ∮30-35 mm, BTA: ∮18-65(BTA is optional);
Unilateral processing depth of up to 2500 mm, length to diameter ratio of 100 or higher;
With the ideal size accuracy, hole drilling accuracy of straightness, and roughness.
ZJZ series of single axis CNC deep hole drilling
Product Features:
This machine is designed and developed for processing bar shaft products. Uniaxial,biaxial,four axis are optional according to user's demand. Three jaw chunk or self drive cone disc are adopted, to provide the most appropriate solutions to users. It can be applied in the processing of biaxial for automobile gearbox,3mm stainless stell deep hole,40 Cr rod deep hole and so on

3. ZJG series tube plate deep hole drilling
Product features:
ZJG series tube plate CNC deep hole drilling is one of the deep hole automatic control machine tools for special purpose.
There are both single axis processing and multiple axis processing function. The CNC programming automatic processing ensures the good quality such as the spacing of the hole, diameter tolerance, verticality, harshness, etc. It’s a totally different from the traditional processing ways of multiple collections, which extremely improves the production capacity. There are also optional chip conveyors: outside chip conveyor gun drill or inner chip conveyor BTA.
ZJG series tube plate CNC deep hole drilling machine tools are suitable for varies plate processing, such as tube exchanger, pressure vessel, condenser, evaporator, boilers, central air conditioning, seawater desalination system, oil refining system, etc.
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