Gravity Separator for seed cleaning and grading

Gravity Separator for seed cleaning and grading
Yuantai Garden A Zone, Wenfeng Avenue, Long'an District, Anyang City, Henan Province, 455000, China
Category:Other Farm Machines


Gravity Separator is one of the main equipment in seeds cleaning system. It is used for separating immature, wormy, and musty seeds according to seed's different density after seeds are processed by indented cylinder separator, getting uniform shape and dimension. It can also remove impurities (such as stone and glass) that have similar dimension but different weight with seeds. This machine is also the right equipment for the cleaning and grading of melon seeds, sunflower seeds and tea.


- High capacity up to 10 t/h based on wheat

- The inclination angle of sieve is adjustable

- Vibration frequency is adjustable.

- Air flow is adjustable.

- Work table consists of delicate wooden frame, punched sieve (to optimize air flow) and woven sieve (to grade seeds).

- Dust collecting cover can make the plant stay clean.

- Widely used for processing wheat, beans, maize, rice, oat, vegetable seeds, grass seeds, etc.
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