Marine Dock W Type Mooring Rubber Fender

Marine Dock W Type Mooring Rubber Fender
9 Building Xing Sheng Road, Chongqing, 400050, China
Min. order:1 piece
Payment terms:T/T
Brand name:CCME
Model number:CCM6
Color:Customized color
Usage:Floating dock
Warranty:5 years
Lead time:15 days


Dock W fenders are designed for use in extreme conditions and to absorb excessive bumps and knocks. This type of fender is very suitable for application on the bow and stern of tugs, workboats and icebreakers. The grooves on the top of the fender provide extra grip and low pressure while pushing. With two flexible legs also allow for easy installation of the W fender with a large or small radius by means of guide rods.

W fenders are made from extremely durable rubber. Lengths are often no longer than 2000 mm and they are produced by means of compression-moulding. The most common dimensions are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. W fenders, M fenders and keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.


1.High energy absorption.

2.low reaction force.

3.Easy to be installed and maintained.

Specification And The Pictures of The Marine Fender:

W Type Rubber Roller:

Length: 500mm to 950mm

Width of foundation part: 480mm

Width of upper part: 420mm

Height: 300mm
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