digital pressure guage

digital pressure guage
No.80 Gaoxin Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Xian, Shaanxi, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Pressure Gauges


The model CWY50 digital pressure gauge is low power consumption, adopts international advanced measuring circuit, precise and reliable temperature compensation. It is also upgrading product of traditional pointer type pressure gauges.
•Precisely measure pressure value, analyze pressure changes, calibration pressure.
•Calibration in laboratory and on site directly.

Pressure range: -100kPa~100Mpa(or user defined)
IP grade: IP65
Accuracy: ±0.5%F.S; ±0.2%F.S
Operating temperature:(0~50)℃
Relative humidity: <95%
Pressure transmission medium: Liquid (gas) compatible with 316L stainless steel
Dimensions: φ 80mm × 34mm
Weight: 0.5kg
Interface:M20 × 1.5,or user defined eg. NPT.
Additional function: Max value record automatically.

1 low power consumption, high resolution with 4 digits display, bright backlight for using easily in poor light conditions;
2 With small size, easy operation features, it is easy to be used on site calibration and precision pressure measurement;
3 Intelligent calibration, linear repair, two-second induction zero with magnetic pen;
4 LCD screen visually displays pressure percentage based on its dynamic pressure value display;
5 Unit: mmH2O mmHg KPa MPa mbar bar Psi or other options.
6 Power supply: The two built-in lithium batteries can be used for 3-5years. (The battery is changeable.)
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