Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant 6l hr

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant 6l hr
No.2, Jianhe Road, Banan District, Chongqing, 402310, China
Category:Machine Oil Purifier


DVTP Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant is mainly used for oil-filled electrical equipment, the installation stage of the installation of new transformer oil or equipment after the replacement of new transformer oil replacement process, the main removal of oil in the water, impurities and hydrogen, acetylene, methane , Ethane and other gases to improve the transformer oil flash point, pressure and insulation strength, and within the specified time to meet the standard transformer oil technical indicators, shorten the processing time and improve processing efficiency.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts precision filtration and efficient dehydration. The degree of removal of particulate impurities in the oil after purification is represented by the NAS level. The dehydration and degassing are mainly the use of the saturated vapor pressure of the oil is much lower than the saturated vapor pressure of water and other gases.

At present, Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant has single and two vacuum-based, although there are three vacuum products, but the work of vacuum are designed according to 133Pa positioning, and thus get the equipment configuration of the vacuum unreasonable and can’t adapt to high pressure equipment transformer oil high index operation requirements. Not to mention the vacuum target value of 133Pa test point is located in the oil separator's own vacuum separation chamber, when the vacuum test point to the volume of several tens of cubic meters or even larger large main transformer body, the vacuum on the fundamental can’t meet the technical requirements.

DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant uses imported pumps, motors, heaters, filters, vacuum systems and electrical control systems and other components. Temperature adjustment and control of the sensor ensure that the temperature of the transformer oil is not more than 80 degree.
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