Marine floating pneumatic rubber fender

Marine floating pneumatic rubber fender
9 Building Xing Sheng Road, Chongqing, 400050, China
Min. order1 piece
Payment termsT/T
Brand nameCCME
Model numberCCM3
Dimensions per unitCustomized size
UsageMarine use
Warranty5 years
Lead time15 days
1. Our Advantages
Compliance with ISO 17357: 2002
Low Reaction Force and Hull Pressure
More Safety and Reliability
Most Cost Competitive System
Lower Mooring Forces
Advantage against Shearing Force
Adaptable to the Tide
Simple and Low Cost Installation
Low Maintenance Cost
Various Optional Fitting

2. Classifications
Initial Internal Pressure Rating
There are two initial pressure rating for Evergreen Floating Fenders:
A) Pneumatic 50 (Initial internal pressure 50 kPa)
B) Pneumatic 80 (Initial internal pressure 80 kPa)
3. Fender Type
There are two types for Evergreen Floating Fenders:
A) Tyre chain type Fenders
The fender is covered by a protection net consisting of either chain, wire or fiber and usually with tires or rubber sleeves.
B) Sling type
The fender is designed to be used without a protection net. It's easy to hand because of their lightweight.
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