UHF Long reading distance tag OPP130

UHF Long reading distance tag OPP130
2104 Room Sandi Minxin Putian, Fujian, 351100, China
CategoryAccess Control Card
30m reading range rfid tag Long reading range up to 30 meters - UHF RFID tag OPP130

Colour: Black Red Blue Green White

Functional Specifications:
RFID Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz
IC type Alien Higgs-3
Memory EPC 96bits (Up to 480bits) , USER 512bits, TID64bits
Write Cycles 100,000times
Functionality Read/write
Data Retention Up to 50 Years
Applicable Surface Metal Surfaces
Read Range(On Metal) :
(Fix Reader:ThingMagic M6-E, 36dBm/4W) Up to 30.0m - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 16.0m - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Read Range(On Metal) :
(Handheld Reader: OP9908,R2000,33dBm/2W)
Up to 22.0m - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 11.0m - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Warranty 1 Year

Physical Specification:
Size 130x42mm, (Hole: 2 hole)
Thickness 10.5mm
Material PC
Colour Black (Red, Blue, Green, White)
Mounting Methods Adhesive, Screw
Weight 38.0g

Enivironmenal Specification:
IP Rating IP68
Storage Temperature -30°C to +100°C
Operation Temperature -20°C to +80°C
Certifications Reach Approved,RoHS Approved,CE Approved
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