Stainless Steel Liquid-tight Conduit Fittings 45d Angle by Driflex

Stainless Steel Liquid-tight Conduit Fittings 45d Angle by Driflex
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Connector body with hexagonal wrench surface, thread ISO metric in accordance with EN60423 or thread NPT in accordance with ANS/ASME B1.20.1-1983, Comply with stands AS/NZS 2053. 8, hexagonal pressure nut, sealing ring and ferrule.

•Connector body - Galvanized die casting,zinc plated steel& malleable iron, nickel plated brass, stainless steel.
•Hexagon pressure nut - Galvanized die casting zinc plated steel& malleable iron,nickel plated brass, stainless steel.
•Sealing ring - Nylon 66
•Ferrule - Galvanized steel or stainless Steel.

•Simple, one piece installation provides a quick and reliable liquid-tight seal
•IP rating from IP40 to IP66/67/68 in combination with the corresponding flexible conduits
•High mechanical strength
•Highly liquid-tight and dustproof
•Vibration and tensionproof
•Inherently low fire hazard
•Covering of the conduit ends
•Available in straight, 45o and 90o bodies
•Available in ISO Metric and NPT 、PF、PG,BSP etc. threads

•General indutrial and commerical electrical wiring protection
•Machining centres and robotics
•any narrow space in static applications
•General wiring for OEM applications
•Low fire hazard applications
•Underflooring wiring in office buildings
•Machine tools
•Installations where liquid-tight is a requirement
•Outdoor installation

Special Applications:
According to customer's samples and specifications, we can manufacture special fittings for suit any type of flexible conduit applications.


Part No ISO Thread (mm) Part No NPT Thread (inches) I.D. (mm) O.D (mm) Box (pcs)
LTCM-S309 16 LTC-S309 5/16" 11.0 15.7 25
LTCM-S30 16/20 LTC-S30 3/8" 11.0 19.7 25
LTCM-S31 20 LTC-S31 1/2" 14.5 19.7 25
LTCM-S32 25 LTC-S32 3/4" 19.5 24.7 25
LTCM-S33 32 LTC-S33 1" 25.0 31.7 15
LTCM-S34 40 LTC-S34 1-1/4" 33.5 39.7 6
LTCM-S35 50 LTC-S35 1-1/2" 38.0 49.7 6
LTCM-S36 63 LTC-S36 2" 49.5 62.7 4

Suitable flexible conduits:
•VJ type of vacuum jacketed flexible conduit
•LT type of liquid-tight flexible conduit
•FM type of flexible metallic conduit
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