J55/K55 slotted casing pipe/liner

J55/K55 slotted casing pipe/liner
No.220, Baoshan West Road, Xinxiang, Henan, 453000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Filter Meshes


J55/K55 Slotted Casing Pipe/liner Performance:

1. Our perforated pipe use J55/K55/N80 casing and tubings of API standard, with High overall strength, not so easy to deformation.

2. The edge of the slot is vertical, smooth, without burrs, and the slot is uniformity.

3. The perforated pipe is suitable for sandy well, which the diameter of the sand greater than 0.3mm.

4. The slot can be longitudinal and transverse, the section of the slot can be parallel and trapezoidal types, with a wide open area.

5. It has a big inner diameter.

Specifications of Slotted Pipe/Liner

*The narrowest of the slot can be up to 0.10mm

*The carbon steel thickness of the cutting can be 20mm

* The stainless steel thickness of the cutting can be 10mm
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