Blockhead bags

Blockhead bags
125D Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Category:Shopping Bags


Description: Blockhead bags are a polyethylene bag included a block at the top to seal many bags together and you can easily take each bag out of pack for using

Other names: header bag, plastic bag with lip, plastic bag with bridge header, blockheaded bag, cardboard header bag

Material: made of HDPE from 15microns or LDPE/MDPE from 20 microns and printing up to 12 colors by Gravure/Flexo.

Advantage: Blockhead bags are easy for customers to take each bag out of pack for using because they have a bracket that holds together all the bags. With the bracket, you can easily hang up the bags to facilitate expedition. To remove a bag, do the most suitable by tearing off one piece at a time.

Usage: Shopping, promotion, special events, supermarkets, retail stores…
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