XBC Series diesel engine centrifugal pump

XBC Series diesel engine centrifugal pump
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Apr 23, 2018
Product Introduction XBC automatic fire engine pumping systems as a fixed fire extinguishing equipment has been widely used in fire segregation, especially in the absence of power or power (electricity) is not the normal circumstances of the accident, such as fire water supply. Units in the distribution of water pumps for the Division I single-stage production of horizontal, multi-level fire for pumps, which are domestic, with a diesel engine manufacturing industry backbone enterprises of 495,4135, X6135, 12V135 series models, according to user needs Other diesel engine can also be configured as a power machine. Mainly by the diesel engine, fire pumps, connected devices, fuel tanks, radiators, battery, intelligent automatic control panel and other components Secretary of the products designed and optimized use of computer processing, the company has strong technical force rich experience in production and improve the means of detection, thus ensuring product quality is stable and reliable.

Performance and advantage 1.The diesel fire pump unit has a good starting characteristic, a strong overload capacity ,compact structure, easy maintenance, a high degree of automation , reliable performance and a wide range of pressure and flow. 2.The pump head range can be changed by cutting the pump impeller to meet the special needs. 3.The pump according to the operation condition of the worksite, may be vertically, horizontally etc. multi-ways mounted and also according to the requirements for the flow and stroke, mounted in parallel and/or in series to increase the needed flow and stroke.

Application scope The pump unit is widely used to transfer the water without solid particles or similar to water fluids in physical and chemical properties (temperature is not higher than 80 degree Celsius), also used for pressurized water fire fighting system, Also can be used in factories and mines to the drainage, water pressurized high-rise buildings, long-distance water, pressurized cold water, air-conditioning refrigeration systems and equipment supporting water and so on.