FL Series Fluid Bed Drying Granulator

FL Series Fluid Bed Drying Granulator
Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213116, China


The working principal of FL Verticle Fluidizing And (Granulating) Dryer is that material powder particles, under the annular fluidized state in the container (fluidized bed), are preheated and mingled by heated air which has been purified in advance. The adhesive solution will be atomized which combines some particles, resulting in adhesive granules. Moisture in granules will be evaporated because the heated air ceaselessly dries the particles and then the adhesive will be solidified. This is a repeated process in which the ideal and homogeneous micro porous spherical particles will be produced.

1. Improve fluidity and decrease the flying dust through powder granulation.
2. Improve the solubility through powder granulation.
3. Blending-granulating-drying-three steps are completed in one machine (one-step granulation).
4. Anti-static filtering material is used to secure its operation.
5. Multi fluid airbrush embedded in binder atomizer makes equal particles which greatly improve the qualified rate of finished products.
6. No dead band in equipment makes it easier to load and unload material and to wash.

1. Drug granulation and tablet coating
Granulation: press tablet and granules, instant granules and granules within capsules.
Coating: granules, pill protection layer, prepared colors, slow releasing, film and other enteric coating.
2. Particles in food industry and coating: granulated sugar, coffee, cocoa particles, cream, juice powder, processed amino acid, condiment and puffed food.
3. Particles for pesticide, paint pigments and dye granulating.
4. powdery, granular and blocky material drying.
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