GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator

GHL High-Speed Mixing Granulator
Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213116, China
Powder material and binder are fully blended by mixture at the bottom of the cylindrical container into moist soft material, and then cut into uniform moister particles by the high-speed crusher on one side.

1. Employ reasonable structure----horizontal cylinder structure.
2. Employ gas flow closing drive shaft and it can be changed as channel to transmit water in process of cleaning.
3. Fluidized granulation produces ball-shaped particles with fine mobility.
4. 25% binder is reduced compared with traditional technology and drying time is shortened.
5. Each batch experiences 2-minute dry blend and less 4-minute granulation, and the processing efficiency is improved 4-5 times.
6. Dry blend, moisture blend and granulation are finished in one sealed container, improving efficiency.
7. The whole process is under strict safety precautions.
8. Jacket type might be adopted on request.
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